Facebook LIKE for E-Store Message Board Posts

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Now anyone with a Facebook account can FB Like any e-store's message board post. It is a great way to share the post with your Facebook friends & show the store owner your support. You can even leave a comment & tell your FB friends why you like the post.

If you have your own e-store at My1Stop, you will enjoy even better viral marketing with this new feature. You can even view how many times your post has been Liked on Facebook.

If you have read our article on How To Increase Your Sales Through Your My1Stop E-Store, you would have known that your Message Board is search engine optimized, which means that what you post in your Message Board can help your customers better find YOU when searching the web :)

So if you have an e-store at My1Stop, start posting in your e-store's message board your latest news updates, latest promotions, testimonials, useful information that can boost your business for your customers and have them spread all over Facebook!

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