Item Breadcrumbs and Suggested Related Items

Monday, October 31, 2011

Great news for both buyers and sellers: We have just added not one, but TWO new features in every e-store for a more pleasant shopping experience for all buyers!


With the new breadcrumbs feature, it will be easier for buyers to navigate through the many items in an e-store, knowing which Section the item falls into.


With the new suggested related items featured at the bottom of every item, buyers are now presented with other items related to the one they're currently viewing. So if you like bags from an e-store, you will immediately get to see other bags of the like that may interest you!

We hope that shoppers at My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall will enjoy these new features and have a great time shopping in our e-stores.

A note to our sellers: We encourage you to ensure your items are properly categorized for a better shopping experience in your e-store, especially for our paid e-stores where your item limit is from maximum 150 items to UNLIMITED. Since you have the luxury of naming your e-store Sections, so categorize your items in your own fashion - by brand, size, type, anything you think would be best for your customers. We hope these new features benefit you too!




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