List E-Stores by Department

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Now you can once again list e-stores in My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall by mall departments! 

This once a My1Stop v1 feature has been brought back due to request. E-Stores get dynamically displayed based on items' placement in the e-stores as set by the seller themselves. Please be informed that only approved e-stores will be displayed in the list, and e-stores without any (approved) items will NOT be listed although already activated.

We wish for better shopping experience for all customers!

What is

Friday, December 24, 2010

The common question that people ask when I mention My1Stop is, “What is My1Stop?” So, I will explain what My1Stop is about. My1Stop is a shopping mall that provides stores for rental on the internet. As a virtual shopping mall, customers can do their online shopping comfortably without leaving their home thus avoiding themselves the hustle and bustle of shopping at the shopping complex .Shopping can be done as easy as from the tips of your fingers.

The first online shopping mall of its kind, guarantees an easy, secure and fun experience of shopping for online shoppers. Since 2006, over a thousand sellers from all over the country have put their trust on My1Stop and do business through their e-stores at So, you can expect to see a variety of products and services in this unique virtual shopping mall.

My1Stop provides 3 e-store packages for sellers who wish to do business in their mall at very reasonable prices. The ultimate package is the Business package. With this package, sellers have to pay RM300 annually and there are no limits to the number of items to be displayed at the e-store. The other paid package is the Enterprise package. With this package, sellers have to pay RM150 annually and the sellers can display as much as 100 items in their store. Both Business and Enterprise packages come with extensive online business management features including ready-to-use online payment system (no hidden charges + fraud-checking service), catalog and order manager and so much more. The most basic package is the Startup package. This package is FREE and comes with limited but super-useful features, including a variety of online marketing tools. Sellers who open a free store can upgrade their package to Business or Enterprise at any time.

In assisting sellers in fully utilizing their e-store features for a more successful business, conducts workshops where hands-on guide is given to sellers on how to manage and operate their e-stores efficiently thus maximizing their income. Apart from that, My1Stop’s team a.k.a. the My1Stop Crew is always around for technical assistance to both sellers and customers.

Shopping is simple in any of e-stores, where customers can shop from store to store and place their orders online, complete with order history and tracking. In fact, with the e-stores at Enterprise and Business floors, customers can pay for their online orders securely via credit card i.e. Mastercard and Visa, as well as via online banking including Maybank2U and CIMBClicks, straight from the e-store. For customers who have enquiries, they can contact and interact with the e-store owner through a webmail form, the message board and chatbox. Customers too can subscribe to latest items from any e-store via e-mail or RSS Feed.

You can also find My1Stop on Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot. Be a fan or follow My1Stop at these social networks and you can keep track of what’s new at, including new e-stores, latest new items and new features. They too actively promote sellers’ businesses to their growing network.

So whether you are just an online shopper or an entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ll find a great one stop center to find great bargains or expand your business the smart way.

Your Own Store Background

Friday, December 10, 2010

Latest Feature!

Now our featured (Business or Enterprise) e-stores can use their own background image as their e-store background! Check out our sample e-store at where we used our own background image for better branding & a more unique look.

To use your own custom-designed background, just upload your image to any free online image hosting site such as, &, then copy&paste the full URL of the image in your e-store seller panel: YOUR E-STORE > E-STORE SETTINGS > E-STORE DISPLAY > E-STORE BACKGROUND > USE OWN BACKGROUND IMAGE.

Have a FREE e-store at My1Stop and can't use this feature? No frets! My1Stop has over 100 cool & attractive e-store backgrounds you can use.

Decorate your e-store today for that great 1st impression!

This feature was requested by Saudagar

Search Item Within E-Store with Auto-Suggest & Jump-to-Item

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Feature: Now you can search for items in a particular e-store straight from the e-store itself! This long-awaited feature comes with:

  1. an Auto-Suggest feature to better aid your search, and 
  2. an optional Jump-to-Item feature to enable customers to be taken directly to a specifically searched item.

Enjoy shopping in your favorite e-stores
at My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall!

This was a feature request from sellers of Chaoz Craze and Inspiring Accessories.

My1Stop Featured in Majalah Usahawan Sukses

Friday, December 3, 2010

My1Stop has been recently featured in the latest edition of Majalah Usahawan Sukses ...

Click HERE to view full article

Read more useful & interesting articles for entrepreneurs - Get your copy of the latest Majalah Usahawan Sukses here:

Majalah Usahawan Sukses (Bil 66 . Tahun 11)

Facebook LIKE for E-Store Message Board Posts

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Now anyone with a Facebook account can FB Like any e-store's message board post. It is a great way to share the post with your Facebook friends & show the store owner your support. You can even leave a comment & tell your FB friends why you like the post.

If you have your own e-store at My1Stop, you will enjoy even better viral marketing with this new feature. You can even view how many times your post has been Liked on Facebook.

If you have read our article on How To Increase Your Sales Through Your My1Stop E-Store, you would have known that your Message Board is search engine optimized, which means that what you post in your Message Board can help your customers better find YOU when searching the web :)

So if you have an e-store at My1Stop, start posting in your e-store's message board your latest news updates, latest promotions, testimonials, useful information that can boost your business for your customers and have them spread all over Facebook!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anda mungkin telah bermula dengan memiliki akaun Facebook peribadi anda. Seterusnya, mengikut jejak langkah dan saranan banyak pihak, anda buka pula laman Facebook khas untuk perniagaan anda. Anda mula meninjau apa yang dilakukan oleh usahawan-usahawan lain pada laman Facebook mereka. Apabila mereka bergiat aktif menerusi Twitter pula, anda mula menyusul ke Twitter. Anda merasakan jika anda tidak berjinak-jinak dengan media sosial, survival perniagaan anda mungkin akan terjejas ... anda mungkin akan ditinggalkan pesaing anda!

Sistem menarik yang ditawarkan kebanyakan media sosial seperti Facebook & Twitter seperti Share, Retweet, Tag, Like, Invite, Mention dan sebagainya sememangnya satu peluang keemasan untuk usahawan meluaskan lagi pemasaran dan meningkatan penjenamaan. Namun begitu, wujud kecenderungan di kalangan usahawan untuk menggunakan kecanggihan ini ke arah pemasaran secara spamming, suatu pendekatan 'lama' yang boleh diibaratkan sebagai menyemakkan media sosial ekoran kegagalan memahami konsep media sosial itu sendiri.

Media Baru + Mentaliti Lama = Tidak Ke Mana

Berniaga menerusi laman sosial, jika tidak disertakan dengan kefahaman yang cukup tentang konsep sosial media, akan mewujudkan persekitaran tidak menyenangkan bagi prospek para usahawan. Perlu diingat, memahirkan diri dengan teknik menggunakan features yang ada tidak cukup untuk menjamin kejayaan membuat pemasaran menerusi media sosial. Barangkali, kita sekadar spammer yang menjelikkan prospek pelanggan kita.

Dengan begitu banyaknya saingan usahawan di dalam sosial media, pelanggan pasti akan menyesarkan sebarang jemputan dari usahawan yang dilihat keterlaluan atau 'memaksa' untuk memastikan pengalaman media sosial mereka lebih menyenangkan. Apakah perasaan anda ditag oleh entiti yang sama bertubi-tubi, mendapat mesej di inbox dari entiti yang sama juga bertubi-tubi, dan dijemput bersahabat dengan begitu banyak peniaga yang tidak anda kenali hanya untuk kemudiannya dispam ibarat bersahabat dengan mesin? Terus-terang, tidak setiap kali perkara ini menyenangkan saya, meskipun saya sendiri berniaga. Bagaimana pula dengan pengguna lain yang langsung tidak terlibat dengan perniagaan dan kurang memahami para usahawan?

Like/Follow = Ukuran Populariti?

Bilangan LIKE pada sesuatu laman Facebook masih sedikit-sebanyak menjadi ukuran kepada populariti perniagaan anda di Facebook, meskipun laman anda mungkin diLIKE atas pelbagai sebab selain menyukai/menyokong perniagaan anda. Usahawan seharusnya tidak leka dibuai keseronokan menerima bilangan LIKE sepertimana Follow untuk blog, di mana ada pula pihak tertentu yang mengajar blogger untuk Follow blog lain untuk tujuan promosi blog sendiri - anda tidak lagi dapat membezakan siapa yang berminat mengikuti post blog anda atau tidak. Yang penting ialah LIKE = PEMASARAN SECARA VIRAL dan kesempatan ini harus digunakan oleh usahawan untuk convert 'Pengikut Tanpa Niat' (PTN) anda kepada pengikut setia anda.

Sama seperti sistem Twitter, jika mereka yang follow anda berasa Tweet anda wajar diikuti, mereka akan membiarkan anda di dalam senarai 'Following' dan anda akan berpeluang mendekati mereka sedikit demi sedikit. Bagaimana untuk convert PTN kepada pelanggan anda, atau setidak-tidaknya 'kakitangan pemasaran' anda? Ada caranya ... cara media baru ... dan ia tidak berlaku dalam sehari dua ... ia memerlukan kesabaran dan teknik yang pastinya meletakkan spamming jauh, jauh ke tepi ...

Jawapan = Bina Hubungan!

Media sosial ialah mengenai proses membina hubungan. Inilah membezakan kaedah pemasaran era lama internet dengan era masa kini. Rangkaian pengguna internet hanya akan semakin membesar dan segala spamming anda akan hanya datang dan pergi dikacamata prospek anda. Anda mungkin merasakan semakin kerap anda sogokkan URL kepada mereka, mereka akan akhirnya klik, tetapi hakikatnya mereka sentiasa ada pilihan untuk sesarkan anda daripada pandangan mereka dengan Remove, Unlike atau Unfollow anda. Apa yang perlu anda lakukan untuk kehadiran anda memberi impak?

Berikut saya kongsi beberapa tip hasil kajian dan pengalaman saya sendiri:

1) Berinteraksi secara 2 hala. Jika anda di Twitter, anda kelihatan agak menjengkelkan jika anda (1) tidak menunjukkan minat untuk Follow orang lain tetapi mengharapkan pihak lain Follow anda, dan (2) menggunakan Twitter anda sebagai sistem berita & tidak sesekali peduli untuk retweet atau reply tweet orang lain.

2) Selang-selikan post 'hard-sell' dengan post-post mengandungi maklumat berguna yang boleh dikaitkan dengan perniagaan anda ('soft-sell').

3) Pastikan ayat yang digunakan untuk mempromosi URL anda cenderung ke arah 'apa kelebihan yang pembeli boleh terima' dan bukannya 'siapa anda dan apa yang anda buat'.

4) Beri sokongan kepada teman usahawan lain dengan memberi komen membina, Like, Retweet, dsb. Ia tidak sukar malah boleh membina persahabatan baru sesama usahawan. Usahawan tidak rugi apa-apa dengan menyokong usahawan lain. Usahawan hanya rugi apabila cuba mensabotaj sesama sendiri.

5) Hubungi atau bertanya khabar kepada pelanggan-pelanggan yang pernah berurusniaga dengan anda secara berkala. Jangan hanya masyuk ingin mencari prospek baru sehingga lupa bahawa anda sebenarnya lebih mudah mendapat jualan daripada pelanggan-pelanggan lama anda.

6) Elakkan kata-kata kurang sopan, berunsur provokasi atau memburukkan perniagaan usahawan lain. Ia hanya akan mendedahkan pekung di dada dan membantutkan usaha anda membina hubungan.

7) Post ulangan tidak menjadi masalah selagi ia tidak dilakukan secara kerap. Post terlalu kerap dan anda boleh dikira sebagai spamming.

8) Elakkan Tag 'sahabat anda' sejurus anda berjaya menjadi sahabatnya. Cuba bina hubungan dahulu dengan ucapan terima kasih atas penerimaan jemputan sahabat, dsb.

9) Elakkan spamming menerusi sistem mesej peribadi di Facebook dan Twitter walaupun ia kelihatan peribadi kerana anda bukanlah satu-satunya 'sahabat' prospek anda. Kerapkali mesej sebegini akan bertimbun di inbox mereka dan menjadi punca mudah untuk anda disesarkan daripada jaringan hubungan prospek anda.

Harap tips di atas (walaupun anda mungkin sudah mengetahuinya) berguna kepada semua usahawan termasuk saya sendiri, sekurang-kurangnya sebagai renungan untuk kita kaji semula jika kita benar-benar telah naiktaraf mentaliti dan pendekatan kita searas dengan perkembangan media sosial itu sendiri. Kita bawa mentaliti baru bersama media baru untuk peluang perniagaan yang lebih baik!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

  Sabtu 6 Nov 2010 - Bertempat di HQ My1Stop sekali lagi diadakan WorkshopV2 kali ke-5 untuk membantu para usahawan yang ingin mengembangkan lagi perniagaan mereka dengan menggunakan platfom My1Stop. Para usahawan / peserta akan diajar tentang cara-cara untuk menggunakan sepenuhnya kemudahan-kemudahan yang telah disediakan secara bijak dengan bantuan sepenuhnya oleh para crew My1Stop. Dengan cara ini para peserta akan lebih memahami tentang langkah-langkah yang perlu dilakukan sebaik sahaja berdaftar dengan My1Stop.. My1stop adalah platfom yang terbaik untuk para usahawan mengembangkan lagi pasaran perniagaan mereka. Ini kerana My1Stop bukan sahaja menyediakan tempat untuk mempamerkan produk malah mereka juga boleh membuat marketing daripada web My1Stop itu sendiri. Misalnya anda tidak perlu untuk meng-copy dan paste link pada facebook anda tetapi button SHARE ke facebook telah disediakan untuk memudahkan marketing anda. Bukan itu sahaja, bermacam-macam button lain lagi seperti button TWEET, LIKE dan lain-lain yang akan dapat membantu dalam mengembangkan perniagaan anda. Selain itu, My1Stop juga menyediakan kemudahan pembayaran secara online samada menggunakan credit card ataupun online banking yang sememangnya dapat memudahkan proses pembayaran. 

Pada sebelah petang pula adalah sesi NETWORK @ TUAN RUMAH yang dikelolakan oleh Cik Mimi Salleh dari Majalah Usahawan Sukses. Sesi ini adalah bertujuan untuk saling mengenali antara usahawan dengan usahawan yang berlainan perniagaan yang mungkin akan dapat di offer sesuatu yang boleh mendatangkan hasil. 

My1Stop Workshop #5 and Network @ Tuan Rumah

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall cordially invite all entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-to-be to My1Stop v2 Workshop #5 and Networking @ Tuan Rumah:

Date: Saturday, 6 Nov 2010
Time: 10:00am
Location: My1Stop HQ, 20C, Level 3, Jalan SS 19/1D, SS19, Subang Jaya, Selangor. [ view map ]


10.00 am

- Registration of participants
- Opening speech by the CEO & Co-Founder of
- Participants will be divided into 2 groups; (1) New Members or Non-Members into the Seminar Room, and (2) Current Members into the Workshop Area.

10.30 am

SEMINAR (New/Non-Members)

Hands-on guide on how to start selling through your e-store, e.g. how to add, edit, remove, categorize items, payment & delivery settings.

WORKSHOP (Current Members)

Hands-on guide on how to use more advanced e-store features, including how to use e-store online marketing tools and how to improve SEO to boost business.

1.30 noon


2.30 pm

NETWORK @ TUAN RUMAH (All participants)

Segment conducted by Mimi Salleh of Majalah Usahawan Sukses.

What is Network @ Tuan Rumah?

It is a networking session organized by Majalah Usahawan Sukses, the first entrepreneurial magazine in Malaysia. During this event, participants will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, their business and what they can offer to other participants.

You are encouraged to bring the following:

- Your own laptop for your own convenience for the seminar and workshop
- Your business card, fliers, product sample (if any) for the networking session

Fees: RM10 per person
Open to all, members and non-members

To make reservation, click the following link:

My1Stop Workshop 5

Multiple Item Photos & SlideShow

Sunday, October 31, 2010

We have a great news for our sellers!

Now you can upload more item photos that will form a pop-up slideshow. Upload item's side view, rear view, zoom of details, inner view, etc. The pop-up slideshow will display a larger-sized photo and can be clicked to show next images. What better way to satisfy your customers than to aid them visually to better know about your products or services.

While you can upload up to 5 slideshow images on top of the item's main image, you can still upload & insert unlimited images in the item's description area. Sellers can always remove or change any of these slideshow images with their e-store admin access.

We hope for better online shopping experience for all our sellers' customers and better business for all our sellers.

We thank sellers of AFNAINI E-STORE and FizBiz E-Shop for this feature request :)

Bagaimana Perbaiki SEO Perniagaan Online Anda Dengan My1Stop

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apa Itu SEO? Mengapa SEO penting untuk perniagaan online anda? Bagaimana My1Stop telah membantu SEO kedai-kedai online di My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall dan bagaimana My1Stop boleh membantu SEO perniagaan anda sendiri? Jika anda berminat untuk pancing pengguna internet di luar lingkungan capaian anda yang sedia ada ... baca artikel ini sehingga selesai!

Secara ringkasnya, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) merujuk kepada teknik menjadikan sesuatu halaman web mudah dijumpai dan disenaraikan oleh enjin carian seperti Google dan Yahoo. Hakikatnya, jika anda sekadar mengharapkan promosi sendiri terhadap URL anda, anda hanya dapat capai pasaran di sekitar anda sahaja. Rugi! Apalah gunanya memiliki 'kewujudan di internet' jika anda masih memancing pelanggan sekeliling sahaja sebagaimana yang boleh dicapai menerusi perniagaan fizikal anda. Anda perlu memancing pelanggan yang mencari produk atau perkhidmatan anda tetapi di luar radius anda! Bagaimana? Antara kaedah yang terbukti mujarab, pastinya SEO!

Untuk SEO bagi blogshop, anda perlu pastikan anda semak settings blog - jika blogspot, di Settings > Basic > 'Let search engines find your blog?', pilih 'Yes'. Jika berniaga di Facebook, secara semulajadinya maklumat di Facebook mudah dijejak enjin carian. Namun begitu, baik berniaga di blog mahupun di Facebook tidak memberikan anda fasiliti perniagaan online yang ultimate - tiada shopping cart, sistem pembayaran online, sistem urus katalog dan tempahan/pelanggan yang dinamik. Adakah anda ingin menghadkan pasaran anda kepada dalam negara dan pelanggan yang selesa 'membeli-belah' di Facebook & blog sahaja? Adakah anda tidak berminat menguruskan perniagaan online secara dinamik? Jika ia tidak benar, maka anda memerlukan fasiliti e-dagang dan yang penting, ianya dilengkapi SEO!

Sudah mempunyai ruang niaga e-dagang sendiri tetapi kurang pasti samada ia dilengkapi SEO? Pastikan!

Teknik SEO ini sendiri berubah dengan masa. Google misalnya tidak lagi banyak bergantung kepada senarai keyword di dalam meta tag semata-mata tetapi kini mengambilkira faktor geo-lokasi, backlink (Google bijak mengesan antara backlink semulajadi & yang 'diada2kan' bertujuan meningkatkan SEO semata-mata), bounce-rate, speed laman anda, social media optimization, dan macam-macam lagi. SEO ini memerlukan aplikasi pelbagai teknik serentak yang perlu dikemaskini dari masa semasa. Jalan ringkas untuk memiliki fasiliti e-dagang yang turut dilengkapi dengan SEO, ialah dengan berniaga di online marketplace yang telah terbukti menyenaraikan kedai online peniaga di laman-laman pertama Google dan Yahoo Search.

My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall, misalnya merupakan online marketplace yang turut melengkapkan setiap e-store peniaganya dengan SEO yang dikemaskini dari masa semasa. My1Stop turut melakukan SEO untuk mall itu sendiri bagi menambah potential customer kepada semua peniaga (cuba search “top online shopping mall” di Google Malaysia (, anda akan lihat bagaimana My1Stop tersenarai di #2 di dalam senarai lebih 8,970,000 keputusan link).

Lihat pula kebarangkalian kedai peniaga di My1Stop muncul di laman pertama carian Google. Katalah anda mencari “top tudung labuh online shop” di, anda akan menemui Beautiful Tudung di #1 daripada lebih 65 ribu keputusan. Bagaimana pula dengan carian di sendiri? Cuba dan anda akan mendapati Beautiful Tudung masih muncul di laman pertama! Cuba search “trendy tudung labuh online” di ... anda akan masih lihat Beautiful Tudung muncul otai di dalam keputusan carian tersebut.

Bagaimana jika anda mencari sesuatu produk beserta lokasi, misalnya “vibram shoes sungai petani”, lihat bagaimana kedai pakej PERCUMA My1Stop juga boleh dijumpai di #1 Terlalu terperinci? Cuba “vibram shoes malaysia” ... e-store Vibramshoes masih mampu bersaing dengan muncul di laman kedua

Bagaimana dengan carian untuk keyword Bahasa Malaysia & Bahasa Inggeris? Cuba “nicogel – farmasi online” di dan cuba pula “nicogel – pharmacy online” di ... kedua-duanya menyenaraikan e-Farmasi di laman pertama dengan #1 drp 2 lebih ribu keputusan di dan #1 drp lebih 25 ribu keputusan di!

Lihat lagi snapshot carian yang membawa kepada penyenaraian kedai2 online di My1Stop:

Smartneasy Biz di #1 drp 35,400 keputusan utk "teh tarik susu kambing"

Chaoz Craze di #1 drp 12,600 keputusan utk "koleksi sedondon t-shirt muslimah online"

FizBiz E-Shop di #1 drp 11,600 keputusan utk "latest tudung maira online"

Anda telahpun lihat bagaimana SEO My1Stop telah membantu meningkatkan kebarangkalian perniagaan online peniaga muncul awal di Google. Namun begitu, jika anda mempunyai kedai online di My1Stop tetapi gagal menjumpai kedai anda di dalam carian, jangan gusar ... masih ada yang anda boleh lakukan untuk perbaiki kedudukan anda di Google Search tanpa perlu melakukan sebarang kerja2 pengaturcaraan/ (programming). Anda hanya perlu tahu beberapa tips untuk melonjakkan SEO kedai anda sendiri, agar mampu mengatasi saingan lain termasuk saingan sesama kedai di My1Stop sendiri!

Apakah tipsnya? Baca artikel "Bagaimana untuk Meningkatkan Jualan Anda Menerusi Kedai Anda di My1Stop" untuk bukan sahaja tip perbaiki SEO e-store anda, malah pelbagai lagi tips meningkatkan jualan anda menerusi e-store anda di My1Stop.

Anda juga dijemput hadiri Workshop My1Stop untuk lebih banyak tips oleh My1Stop Crew, juga usahawan-usahawan My1Stop yang lain.

How to Make RSS Feed Work for Your Business

Monday, August 16, 2010

If you are a seller with a Facebook account, or a website/blog of your own to start with ... then you should read on ...

Frankly I have not seen much of RSS Feed flying around in sellers’ Facebook walls, e-commerce websites nor blogshops, possibly due to the failure of realizing the potential of RSS in boosting businesses, hence the reason why I choose to highlight this valuable viral marketing tool. Don’t worry, I will not go into the technical aspects of RSS as this article is intended for sellers, not developers.

Understanding the RSS Feed

RSS is a simple & efficient way for any web user to subscribe to any latest content of any website e.g. news articles, blog posts, photos or videos, without having to visit the website itself. This has become especially useful now that the internet is flooded with loads of content-driven websites and visiting each website to find out the latest updates can be wearying. Subscribing to e-mails may not be the best answer either as too many e-mail notifications spells 'messy inbox' and such e-mails can often be mistaken as spam/unwanted e-mails.

Here's where RSS Feed solves the problem …

With RSS Feed, web users can subscribe content from multiple websites and display them in their own ‘space’ such as their Facebook walls, their blogs, feed reader sites e.g. Bloglines, My Yahoo! or Google Reader or even their browser e.g. Mozilla Firefox and the Internet Explorer 7. So all your favorite goodies can now be fed to you in one place instead of you going around the cyber space, wasting time looking for what may and may not be important to you!

Depending on the limitations set by the feed reader applications, subscribers normally can choose the number of items to be displayed, full description or excerpt, with optional publishing date, author, image, etc. Each feed item carries a link to the source website so one can go straight to the topic/item of interest.

The magic works like this – A website hosting the content should first have a system that converts its content e.g. news articles, into a standard format for the RSS reader. This content is supplied to a subscriber in a form of a URL (commonly identified by the label "RSS Feed" and the RSS icon . By simply inputting this URL into an RSS Feed reader, the website content can now be 'magically' displayed & best of all, constantly updated for the subscriber.

Sample RSS Feed URL (try clicking on the links):

For New Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs & even My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall e-stores, the ‘recent content’ conversion to RSS Feed format has already been provided to its users for free. If you have your own website developed by a web design company or a freelancer, and your site does not have its own RSS Feed, you can either set up your own account in any of the above New Media sites for free and later have your web developer include your Feed and its URL in your website for others to subscribe, or get them to create your site’s own RSS system & URL, which may cost you some money but give you greater flexibility as to what exactly to convert to Feed.

How is RSS Feed Useful to a Seller

In a retailing environment, RSS feed serves as a viral marketing tool in that it delivers your content to a naturally growing network, like a spreading virus. For instance, a company/seller with a store at My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall only has to maintain his/her catalog by uploading new products/services & edit or remove the items when necessary. Customers can view a realtime updated catalog of the store straight from their ‘space’ by using the store’s RSS Feed URL with any web RSS Feed reader application as mentioned previously, without having the seller to send repetitive notifications of new items added. Whenever a customer clicks on any link in the feed, he/she will be taken straight to the item in the e-store for more information about the item, to place an order or purchase it online. This, is making RSS Feed work for you!

And you haven’t even got to the best part yet …

The best part of it is when not just one, two, but unlimited other web users, beyond your own network who may find your content worth following, subscribe to your Feed. These other subscribers, whether you know them personally or not, voluntarily display your dynamically updated content viewable by their own network, generating more potential customers for you. This is viral marketing potential normally provided free for you, yet often ignored.

How to Start Using RSS Feed for Viral Marketing

To display a website’s feed on the Facebook Wall/Profile, all one has to do is add an RSS application as a new Facebook application e.g. Social RSS or RSS Graffiti, key in the RSS Feed URL and select preferred publish settings. You can have multiple Feeds displayed as one feed collection by entering several RSS Feed URLs into the RSS application.

With Social RSS, the content from the feed appears as a tab on the Facebook Wall and can be set to be displayed in the News Feed everytime a new content is added. For those familiar with Facebook, you know well that this means that your hundreds to thousands of Facebook friends and even their friends (subject to privacy settings), can view this content too, not just by visiting your Profile, but simply by clicking ‘Home’. The trick is to get many LIKEs or comments for a post and it gets ‘sticky’ and stay on the Home page longer in the ‘Top News’ section.

If you have a blog, you can easily display any website’s feed by adding an RSS gadget/widget to your blog and similarly enter the RSS Feed URL – add multiple widgets to display multiple feeds. Sorry, Blogger does not support images in the feed items. Since blogs are networked to one another in many ways, using RSS Feed in a blog still gives you viral marketing. In fact, it is advantageous to both the blogger and the Feed author as the Feed content can also be crawled by search engines and has been shown to have contributed to the blogs keywords, which in turn gives the blog higher chances at being listed in search results.

To display RSS Feed in your browser, you just have to click any RSS Feed URL and follow the steps shown by your browser. With Mozilla Firefox, you can display any feed on your bookmark tab using Live Bookmarks application.

In a nutshell …

RSS Feed is a way for web users to have their own ‘personalized daily digest’ – updated news column, business tips, catalog, gossip segment … you name it. It is a great way to aggregate & organize the massive amount of content from the web, tailored to one’s interest.

To a seller, RSS can be an effective & efficient tool for expanding business to a wider market at least cost & effort. It is a (normally) free method to encourage others to subscribe to your latest content e.g. catalog, promotions, etc. and to enable sharing of your updated content from one network to another beyond your normal reach. It is about using the New Media to its full potential & doing business online wisely. This in no way suggests that you ignore other marketing strategies, but merely as an addition to your multitude of efforts in boosting your business – an addition, that if disregarded shall leave you in a loss ;)

400 usahawan menerusi talian dikenakan tindakan tidak daftar perniagaan

Monday, August 2, 2010

PULAU PINANG: Dalam tempoh dua tahun lalu kerajaan sudah mengambil tindakan terhadap 400 individu yang menjalankan perniagaan menerusi Internet kerana tidak berdaftar dengan Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia.Timbalan Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan, Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim berkata, kesemua mereka dihadapkan ke mahkamah mengikut Seksyen 12 (1)(a) Akta Pendaftaran Perniagaan 1956 (Pindaan 2001) yang membawa hukuman denda tidak lebih RM50,000 atau penjara tidak lebih dua tahun.

"Individu atau syarikat yang menjalankan perniagaan menggunakan laman web atau Internet sebenarnya tidak terkecuali dan mesti mendaftarkan perniagaan mereka," katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Majlis Dialog Amalan Perniagaan Beretika Zon Utara, di sini hari ini.

Katanya, langkah itu bertujuan melindungi pengguna daripada unsur penipuan selain memastikan peniaga mematuhi etika perniagaan.

Beliau berkata, kerajaan juga menerusi Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia sentiasa memantau laman web yang menjalankan perniagaan bagi mengesan pihak yang gagal mendaftarkan perniagaan mereka.

"Kita mahu golongan ahli perniagaan mempunyai kesedaran bahawa mereka mempunyai tanggungjawab dan kod etika yang harus dipatuhi supaya pengguna tidak menjadi mangsa penipuan," katanya.-Bernama

LIKE Fever has struck My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall!

Monday, July 19, 2010

What's this???

LIKE Fever is an online contest organized by for our sellers.

What's the mission?

To get as many LIKEs as possible for your e-store at My1Stop. The seller with an e-store with the most LIKEs will be the winner.

What's the prize?

  • 1st Place
    • FREE upgrade to Business e-store for 1 year worth RM300 (for a Startup seller)
    • FREE upgrade to Business e-store for 1 year worth RM300 (for a Enterprise seller)
    • FREE renewal for Business e-store for 1 year worth RM300 (for a Business seller)
  • 2nd Place
    • FREE upgrade to Enterprise e-store for 1 year worth RM150 (for a Startup seller)
    • FREE renewal for Enterprise e-store for 1 year worth RM150 (for a Enterprise seller)
    • 50% off for renewal for Business e-store for 1 year worth RM150 (for a Business seller)
  • 3rd Place
    • 50% off for upgrade to Enterprise e-store for 1 year worth RM75 (for a Startup seller)
    • 50% off for renewal for Enterprise e-store for 1 year worth RM75 (for a Enterprise seller)
    • 25% off for renewal for Business e-store for 1 year worth RM75 (for a Business seller)

How to participate?

Start right away! Get your Facebook friends to LIKE your e-store at My1Stop - THAT'S IT! Once the deadline is near & you feel that your e-store already receive enough support, submit to us your E-Store Name or URL HERE and we will enter you in the LIKE Fever Race :)

How to know who wins the race?

My1Stop will list the rank on 11th August 2010 & update the rank until midnight. Winners will be announced in My1Stop website, My1Stop blog, My1Stop Page on Facebook & My1Stop Twitter, complete with link to your e-store.

And the race ... BEGINS!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sabtu 3 Julai 2010 - Bertempat di HQ My1Stop berlangsungnya bengkel My1Stop V2 ke-4.Bengkel ini  diadakan untuk memberi penerangan serta tunjuk ajar kepada para peserta samada yang telah berdaftar mahupun tidak bagi memajukan perniagaan meraka.Tujuan utama diadakan workshop ini adalah untuk mengajar para peserta agar menggunakan platform My1Stop dengan sebaik yang mungkin. Para peserta diberi penerangan tentang cara-cara menggunakan marketing tools yang disediakan di .Antara yang diajar ialah cara-cara untuk memasang(plug-in) widget e-store di blog, cara-cara menggunakan sistem hebahan email secara pukal, cara-cara untuk share kan produk dari e-store terus ke facebook,blog,twitter dan berbagai-bagai lagi social network.. Selain itu kami turut mengajarkan tentang cara-cara untuk memasang (plug in) RSS e-store ke facebook dengan mudah. Cara-cara sistem pembelian dan pembayaran juga turut diberi pendedahan agar mereka dapat memahami konsep di My1Stop. Antara peserta yang hadir ialah Encil Shahrizal Azali dari CHAOZ CRAZE, Encik Haris Shariff dari ALBARAKAH, Puan Noor Esmawaty dari E-FARMASI dan Encik Shafie..

Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Have a Paid E-Store at

Friday, July 9, 2010

Already have your own FREE store at If you haven’t, you should read my previous article, TOP 15 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD OPEN YOUR OWN FREE STORE AT MY1STOP.COM.MY.

Already opened a FREE Startup E-Store at My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall & have tried our cool selling & marketing features that comes with it? Did you know that you can do & have SO MUCH MORE with a paid package e-store?

For the ‘more serious’ entrepreneurs, My1Stop offers 2 paid store packages, (1) Enterprise worth RM150/year and (2) Business package worth RM300/year. Any hidden charges? NO! You are only to pay the said rental value & that's it!

A paid e-store gives you a powerful ALL-in-ONE e-commerce solution, complete with viral marketing advantage … which is why many of My1Stop’s current sellers have upgraded from their FREE store to a paid store and have continued their tenancy with My1Stop for years. Here are top 15 reasons why you should have your own Paid E-Store at My1Stop:

1. Instantly receive Credit Card Payment or Online Banking straight from your own store

My1Stop provides the most affordable, READY-TO-USE online payment system solution for you! Even our ultimate e-store package (Business) rental (which gives you so much more than merely an online payment system) costs less than getting your own merchant account alone!

By having your own Business or Enterprise e-store at My1Stop, your customers can pay online for their ordered items direct from your store through:

  • Credit card payment (complete with fraud-checking done for you)
  • FPX online banking (Maybank2U, CIMBClicks, Bank Islam Online, & more)

So NO more hassle & headache with fraudulent buyers, merchant account set-up fees & monthly fees … you can better focus in your business!

My1Stop does NOT take any percentage from you/your sales! Only buyers will incur 5% service charge when paying through the online payment system.

2. Bigger selling space

While with a FREE store you can upload up to 10 items, with paid packages, you can upload even more items:

  • Enterprise E-Store – maximum of 100 items
  • Business E-Store – UNLIMITED items!

3. More Attention - Higher store display priority

Paid packages are placed in our mall into ‘floors’ according to packages, where our website/mall navigation has been designed to give better highlight & access to Business floor, then Enterprise floor & last, the Startup floor. With a Business e-store, your store will be displayed on our home/main page where customers can find you straight!

Both Business & Enterprise e-stores have storefronts so your store will appear more welcoming & attractive.

When customers use our ‘search store’ function, paid e-stores are displayed first, then the FREE package e-stores.

4. Higher item display priority

When customers search for products, items from featured e-stores will be displayed first, then the items from the FREE package e-stores.

5. Exclusive store web address

Have a store URL like which will be redirected to your store. Use this address to promote your store to your customers.

6. Create your own store sections

Categorize items in your e-store into sections of your choice! Group your items according to brand names e.g. Dior - HUGO - CK, product/service types e.g. perfumes - bags - shoes, or anything you like.

7. Your own store's chatbox

Chat in realtime with your customers, complete with online status & chat archive – remove any message or block any user you find offensive.

8. More store design customization options

While free e-store package allows you to change the store’s background from available backgrounds provided and banner font/colors, paid e-store package offers you more customization, including uploading YOUR OWN e-store background for better branding!

9. Extra promotion - have more people promote your business!

My1Stop Crews promote your store & products/services in My1Stop @ Facebook & Twitter to our growing number of fans, in My1Stop’s blog & wherever possible – you are My1Stop’s priority when it comes to promoting our sellers’ business!

10. E-Store statistics

Your paid store comes complete with web statistics for you to view the whos, whats, whens and whys revolving your store visitors and visits. The statistics are super-useful for you to strategize your marketing plans.

11. Your own storefront

My1Stop design your storefront for FREE! The storefront is in itself a statement that you have a featured store with My1Stop, improving your online presence and impression to your customers.

12. Top priority when it comes to Entrepreneurs networking events with My1Stop

From time to time, My1Stop will be invited to networking events for entrepreneurs e.g. "Speednetworking" event organized by Majalah Usahawan Sukses & Rakan Niaga Uzaidi Udanis, Teh Tarikh Bersama YB and Teh Tarik SWOT Challenge. We will send invitations to our sellers, with Business and Enterprise tenants as our top priority.

13. Top priority when it comes to trade shows involving My1Stop

From time to time, My1Stop will participate in trade shows (upcoming, "Transformasi New Media" which will be held in 5 states in Malaysia). We will send invitations to our sellers, with Business and Enterprise tenants as our top priority.

14. Discounts for banner advertising in My1Stop website

Tenants enjoy the following discount rates for banner advertising in our 'Advertisement' section:

  • Enterprise: 15%
  • Business: 30%

15. Higher resell commission for more income

While with a free e-store package you receive 5% of My1Stop e-store rental as commission for reselling My1Stop’s paid store packages, with Enterprise & Business package, you receive more with 15% and 30% commission respectively.

Make a bolder step towards a brighter future in your online business … rent a My1Stop featured e-store today & experience smart online selling like no other …

15 Sebab Utama Mengapa Anda Patut Buka Kedai PERCUMA di

Friday, June 25, 2010

[ Read the English Version HERE ]

Anda mempunyai produk/perkhidmatan untuk dipasarkan/jual?

Tahukah anda anda boleh berniaga menerusi kedai anda sendiri di My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall secara PERCUMA? Ya, boleh!

Walaupun PERCUMA, anda tetap terima begitu banyak kelebihan yang boelh membantu anda berniaga di internet secara BIJAK. Berikut ialah 15 sebab utama mengapa anda patut buka kedai PERCUMA di

1. Promosi viral PERCUMA untuk produk/perkhidmatan anda 

  • Promosi tambahan menerusi e-mail newsletter kepada ribuan pelanggan My1Stop [ lihat contoh newsletter produk terkini My1Stop ]
  • Sistem mudah-langgan utk katalog anda menerusi RSS Feed kedai anda sendiri - boleh digunakan untuk paparkan katalog terkini anda di facebook, blog, dsb.
Item Terkini Peniaga-Peniaga My1Stop di Facebook
  • Feature Share ke laman sosial seperti facebook, twitter untuk anda & pelanggan anda share apa yg anda/mereka suka kepada rangkaian masing-masing - rangkaian anda bertambah luas!
Sharing Buttons untuk Item ke Laman Sosial e.g. Facebook, Twitter
Item Terkini dipaparkan Menerusi Widget di Blog Affiliate

2. Miliki set tools pemasaran online yg efektif

  • Template, widget, sistem inviter, rss feed, kod untuk paparkan & promosi produk/perkhidmatan atau storefront di e-mail, facebook wall, forum, blog, dsb.

Template Katalog untuk E-Mail & RSS Feed untuk Facebook

Demo Inviter System

3. Urus Katalog dengan teramat mudah

  • Sistem Katalog – upload item menggunakan advanced/simple uploader dengan mudah & buang mana-mana item bila-bila masa. Ruangan maklumat produk tiada had & menerima lebih dari satu gambar, videoYouTube, flash, & banyak lagi ... dengan preview! Kemaskini diskaun harga, stok, mod jualan & banyak lagi.
  • Kategorikan produk/perkhidmatan anda untuk memudahkan pelanggan anda membeli-belah.
  • Paparkan katalog anda di mana-mana dengan mudah! - Katalog anda boleh dipaparkan di mana-mana laman web, jadi anda tidak perlu bersusah-payah mengemaskini setiap 'cawangan kedai' anda, - tiada lagi masalah cawangan kedai tidak terkemaskini & stok yang lapuk!

Sistem Katalog

4. Mudah dijumpai di dalam keputusan carian dengan SEO

  • Setiap e-store My1Stop disertai dengan Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Oleh itu, anda mudah ditemui di dalam keputusan carian e.g. Google danYahoo. [ baca review top seller kami ]

5. Sistem shopping cart utk pelanggan buat tempahan online

  • Pelanggan anda boleh membuat tempahan dengan begitu mudah & sistematik.
  • My1Stop TIDAK mengambil sebarang peratus daripada belian pelanggan anda!
Troli Belian (Shopping Cart) E-Store Anda

6. Rekod tempahan online yang boleh dirujuk dan diuruskan secara online dengan mudah

  • Buat carian tempahan mengikut nama pelanggan atau No. Tempahan .. malah export senarai tempahan ke MS Excels.
  • Kemaskini status tempahan secara mudah termasuk status bayaran & penghantaran untuk rujukan pelanggan anda secara online juga
  • Setiap tempahan akan disusuli e-mail lanjutan perincian tempahan ke e-mail adna dan pelanggan anda!
Urus Tempahan Online di Kedai Anda

7. Sistem jualan yang fleksibel

  • Enable/disable penggunaan shopping cart untuk item-item tertentu, pilih settings penghantaran, return policy sendiri, tetapkan untuk sertakan caj penghantaran atau tidak, dsb.

8. Borang e-mail kedai anda

  • Pelanggan boleh hantar mesej ke e-mail ANDA terus dari kedai anda!
E-Store E-mail Form

9. Message board untuk kedai anda

  • Interaksi dengan pelanggan anda dengan mudah, lengkap dengan alert ke e-mail & sistem untuk anda uruskan setiap mesej & topik.

10. Sistem review/testimonial untuk produk/perkhidmatan
  • Setiap item anda boleh diberi review & testimoni & boleh diluluskan atau dibuang oleh anda selaku pemilik kedai.

11. Promosi PERCUMA blog/website anda

  • Jika anda gunakan widget katalog kedai anda di blog anda, anda disenaraikan di My1Stop dan di blog My1Stop, juga dipromosi ke e-mail pelanggan secara periodik. Blog anda juga mendapat lebih keyword & lebih kebarangkalian dijumpai di keputusan carian seperti e.g. Google and Yahoo.

12. Paparkan Post blog terkini anda, Tweet atau Facebook business page widget anda di kedai anda di My1Stop

Kepilkan Facebook Business Page Anda ke My1Stop E-Store Anda

13. Manfaat daripada rangkaian peniaga & pelanggan sediaada di My1Stop ... pelanggan peniaga lain berpotensi menjadi pelanggan anda!

  • Setiap kali anda, setiap peniaga lain, affiliate-affiliate My1Stop & My1Stop sendiri membuat promosi, hasilnya berlipatganda! Pemasaran secara teamwork ini pasti lebih berkesan berbanding usaha pemasaran solo anda. 
  • Lebih 100,000 pelawat sebulan & lebih 35 juta hits sebulan!

14. Peluang pendapatan tambahan dengan menjual pakej e-store My1Stop

  • Setiap kali ada peniaga lain yang membuka kedai pakej berbayar melalui anda … anda terima 5% komisyen.

15. Sokongan penuh dan bantuan oleh My1Stop Crew

  • Bantuan teknikal & perundingan daripada My1Stop Crew - tak perlu pening kepala tentang domain & hosting, server & website maintenance, upgrade ... bagi yang baru berniaga online juga boleh rujuk My1Stop untuk bantuan berkenaan perniagaan di internet!

My1Stop ialah Media Baru untuk Usahawan … untuk ANDA! Buka kedai PERCUMA anda di My1Stop sekarang …

Daftar secara PERCUMA di SINI

Akan Datang ... "Sebab Utama Mengapa Anda Patut Naiktaraf / Sewa Kedai 'Featured' di" ... follow blog ini untuk tidak ketinggalan :)



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