What is My1Stop.my?

Friday, December 24, 2010

The common question that people ask when I mention My1Stop is, “What is My1Stop?” So, I will explain what My1Stop is about. My1Stop is a shopping mall that provides stores for rental on the internet. As a virtual shopping mall, customers can do their online shopping comfortably without leaving their home thus avoiding themselves the hustle and bustle of shopping at the shopping complex .Shopping can be done as easy as from the tips of your fingers.

The first online shopping mall of its kind, My1Stop.my guarantees an easy, secure and fun experience of shopping for online shoppers. Since 2006, over a thousand sellers from all over the country have put their trust on My1Stop and do business through their e-stores at My1Stop.my. So, you can expect to see a variety of products and services in this unique virtual shopping mall.

My1Stop provides 3 e-store packages for sellers who wish to do business in their mall at very reasonable prices. The ultimate package is the Business package. With this package, sellers have to pay RM300 annually and there are no limits to the number of items to be displayed at the e-store. The other paid package is the Enterprise package. With this package, sellers have to pay RM150 annually and the sellers can display as much as 100 items in their store. Both Business and Enterprise packages come with extensive online business management features including ready-to-use online payment system (no hidden charges + fraud-checking service), catalog and order manager and so much more. The most basic package is the Startup package. This package is FREE and comes with limited but super-useful features, including a variety of online marketing tools. Sellers who open a free store can upgrade their package to Business or Enterprise at any time.

In assisting sellers in fully utilizing their e-store features for a more successful business, My1Stop.my conducts workshops where hands-on guide is given to sellers on how to manage and operate their e-stores efficiently thus maximizing their income. Apart from that, My1Stop’s team a.k.a. the My1Stop Crew is always around for technical assistance to both sellers and customers.

Shopping is simple in any of My1Stop.my e-stores, where customers can shop from store to store and place their orders online, complete with order history and tracking. In fact, with the e-stores at Enterprise and Business floors, customers can pay for their online orders securely via credit card i.e. Mastercard and Visa, as well as via online banking including Maybank2U and CIMBClicks, straight from the e-store. For customers who have enquiries, they can contact and interact with the e-store owner through a webmail form, the message board and chatbox. Customers too can subscribe to latest items from any e-store via e-mail or RSS Feed.

You can also find My1Stop on Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot. Be a fan or follow My1Stop at these social networks and you can keep track of what’s new at My1Stop.my, including new e-stores, latest new items and new features. They too actively promote sellers’ businesses to their growing network.

So whether you are just an online shopper or an entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ll find My1Stop.my a great one stop center to find great bargains or expand your business the smart way.


  1. Assalamua'laikum, I had read about My1stop. However, I want more information about My1stop.com. May I asks a few question. It's for my field research, mid-term break assigment.
    1. How do My1stop.com operate the business?
    2. How online orders are processed?
    3. How will returns and customer complaints be handled?
    4. Will pricess affect a good value to the customer?
    5. How often will website content be changed?
    6. Will the website offer benefits not available elsewhere?
    Thank you for your cooperation.

  2. assalamua'laikum, I'm Ann. May I asks some question likes;
    will prices affect a good value to the customer, how often will website content be changed, and will the website offer benefits not available elsewhere?





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