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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You have a product or service to market and sell? 

Did you know that you can sell/market your products/services through your own store at My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall for FREE? ... O yes, you can!  

Despite being FREE, it comes with loads of features for sellers to do business online the SMART way! Here are top 15 reasons why you should have your own FREE e-store at My1Stop:

1. FREE viral promotion for your products/services 

  • Extra promotion to thousands of customers through e-mail – When you add a new item to your e-store, it will be included in My1Stop’s New Items Newsletter, sent weekly to thousands of My1Stop’s subscribers. [ see an example newsletter ]

  • Easy-subscribe system via RSS Feed – My1Stop provides RSS Feed for anyone to easily subscribe to the list of the latest items from all sellers in My1Stop. Display your latest items in blogs, Facebook profiles & newsfeeds, and various newsreader sites that can be further viewed by the subscribers’ networks … that’s multiple networks beyond your own network!

Latest Items in My1Stop Dynamically Displayed on Facebook

  • Viral promotion by any visitor who likes your store or products/services – Your customers are provided with quick sharing tools e.g. Facebook ‘Like’, share on Facebook, Twitter, Buzz & various other social networking sites.

Sharing Buttons for Items to Popular Social Networking Sites

  • My1Stop's Affiliates promote your products/services – this program encourages anyone to promote any sellers’ products/services or store in their effort to resell My1Stop e-store packages for commission. So your marketing arm keeps expanding!

Latest Items at My1Stop Displayed in Affiliate's Blog

2. Get a valuable collection of effective marketing tools to promote your products anywhere, everywhere!

  • Template of your catalog for use in e-mail messages, blog posts.
  • Inviter system to send invitation e-mails with your catalog & personalized message to multiple contacts as though sending one-to-one.
  • Widget that displays your catalog for use in your blog / website.
  • RSS Feed for you AND your customers to subscribe and display your latest items in blog, social networking sites e.g. Facebook, browser.
  • Grab Code to display your storefront or any of your items in your catalog in blogs, blog posts, Facebook profile, forum posts and more!
Catalog Template for E-Mail & RSS Feed for Facebook

Inviter System Demo

3. Easily manage your catalog

  • Catalog manager – upload multiple products easily & remove any item anytime. Unlimited product description that supports multiple additional photos, YouTube video, flash, text styling & more with preview!
  • Update item details including photo, name, description, price, item offers, item availability & more.
  • Categorize your items for easy browsing by your customers.
  • Display your catalog anywhere, everywhere! - Your catalog can be displayed in various web sites but managed through your e-store at My1Stop – changes will reflect automatically in whose other platforms … makes easy updating and maintaining of your other ‘shop branches’ … so no more unattended shop branches with outdated stock!
Catalog Manager

4. Be easily listed and found in Search Results with SEO

  • All My1Stop e-stores are equipped with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So your products/services stand higher chance at being found when people search for such products/services using major search engines e.g. Google and Yahoo. [ read our top seller’s related review ]

5. Shopping cart system for customers to order online easily

  • What good is selling on the internet when your customers cannot easily make orders to you straight from your store? Have your own shopping cart FREE and help your customers have an easier shopping experience … a great way to encourage your customers to keep coming back to you!
  • My1Stop does NOT take any percentage from your sales!
E-Store Shopping Cart

6. Keep a realtime-updated record of your customers’ orders and manage them easily

  • All online orders are auto-stored for your record and can be viewed online anytime, anywhere. Search orders by customers, order number … even export your order records to MS Excels.
  • Manage your online orders’ status through your store so your customers can view their order status online too – update payment, delivery, cancellation status & more.
  • All online orders come with follow-up e-mails of online orders to both you and your customers!
E-Store Order Manager

7. Flexible selling method

  • Various options for delivery, payment and ordering process – enable/disable online ordering, have customers choose between doorstep delivery or self-pickup or restrict to any one option, choose to include/exclude delivery charges and specify delivery rates and method.

8. Get your own store’s e-mail form

  • Have your customers e-mail you straight to YOUR e-mail account but directly form your store through an online e-mail form.
E-Store E-mail Form

9. Get your own store’s message board

  • Have online interactions with your customers – inquiries, testimonial, discussions & more. You can even post your recent updates to your customers in multiple threads, just like having your own forum!

10. Item review/testimonial system

  • Have your customers post reviews and testimonials to convince future customers of the strength of your products/service. You can filter and manage all reviews – you are the store owner!

11. FREE promotion for your blog or website

  • Whenever you use your store’s catalog widget in your own blog or website, your website URL will be listed in My1Stop’s Affiliate Website List and will also be promoted in My1Stop’s blog & New Affiliates newsletters to thousands of our subscribers time to time. Your blog will also benefit from the keywords of the items in the widget which increases your chances of appearing in search results e.g. Google and Yahoo.

12. Link in your other business platforms

  • Have your own blog, Facebook business page or Twitter? Attach them to your store and have your latest blog posts displayed in your store, or have your Facebook business page or Twitter tweets shown, with links!
Attach Facebook Business Page to My1Stop E-Store

13. Benefit from the crowd and network of sellers in My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall where other sellers’ customers are your potential customers

  • Why go for solo marketing when you can go for teamwork marketing! Whenever you, other sellers, My1Stop’s Affiliates and My1Stop itself do marketing … you get multiple results! 
  • Over 100,000 visitors a month & over 35 million hits a month!

14. Get extra income for reselling My1Stop e-store packages

  • Why only sell when you can sell & resell for even more income? Resell My1Stop featured e-store (paid) packages for commission. Everytime someone drops by your store & decides to have a featured e-store for themselves … you get 5% of the e-store rental.

15. Complete and FREE support from My1Stop Crew

  • Relieve yourself from the headache and hassle of technical issues e.g. website and server update/maintenance, website and server upgrade, domain registration &and renewal … focus on your business, customer service & marketing, and leave the technical issues to My1Stop Crew.
  • Have trouble using any of the features in your e-store? Contact My1Stop Crew and they will come to your aid :)
  • New to selling online and not sure of the right steps to take with regards to selling, marketing & delivery? My1Stop Crews are always there to consult and assist you at no additional charge!

My1Stop is the New Media for Entrepreneurs … for YOU! So open your FREE e-store at My1Stop today …

Register for FREE HERE

Upcoming ... "Top Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To / Have Your Own Featured E-Store at" ... follow this blog for my next post :)

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  1. NEW: Now even FREE e-stores (Startup) can change their store's background & banner ... so change your store's look & feel to how YOU like it now :)





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