Multiple Item Photos & SlideShow

Sunday, October 31, 2010

We have a great news for our sellers!

Now you can upload more item photos that will form a pop-up slideshow. Upload item's side view, rear view, zoom of details, inner view, etc. The pop-up slideshow will display a larger-sized photo and can be clicked to show next images. What better way to satisfy your customers than to aid them visually to better know about your products or services.

While you can upload up to 5 slideshow images on top of the item's main image, you can still upload & insert unlimited images in the item's description area. Sellers can always remove or change any of these slideshow images with their e-store admin access.

We hope for better online shopping experience for all our sellers' customers and better business for all our sellers.

We thank sellers of AFNAINI E-STORE and FizBiz E-Shop for this feature request :)

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