Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Have a Paid E-Store at

Friday, July 9, 2010

Already have your own FREE store at If you haven’t, you should read my previous article, TOP 15 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD OPEN YOUR OWN FREE STORE AT MY1STOP.COM.MY.

Already opened a FREE Startup E-Store at My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall & have tried our cool selling & marketing features that comes with it? Did you know that you can do & have SO MUCH MORE with a paid package e-store?

For the ‘more serious’ entrepreneurs, My1Stop offers 2 paid store packages, (1) Enterprise worth RM150/year and (2) Business package worth RM300/year. Any hidden charges? NO! You are only to pay the said rental value & that's it!

A paid e-store gives you a powerful ALL-in-ONE e-commerce solution, complete with viral marketing advantage … which is why many of My1Stop’s current sellers have upgraded from their FREE store to a paid store and have continued their tenancy with My1Stop for years. Here are top 15 reasons why you should have your own Paid E-Store at My1Stop:

1. Instantly receive Credit Card Payment or Online Banking straight from your own store

My1Stop provides the most affordable, READY-TO-USE online payment system solution for you! Even our ultimate e-store package (Business) rental (which gives you so much more than merely an online payment system) costs less than getting your own merchant account alone!

By having your own Business or Enterprise e-store at My1Stop, your customers can pay online for their ordered items direct from your store through:

  • Credit card payment (complete with fraud-checking done for you)
  • FPX online banking (Maybank2U, CIMBClicks, Bank Islam Online, & more)

So NO more hassle & headache with fraudulent buyers, merchant account set-up fees & monthly fees … you can better focus in your business!

My1Stop does NOT take any percentage from you/your sales! Only buyers will incur 5% service charge when paying through the online payment system.

2. Bigger selling space

While with a FREE store you can upload up to 10 items, with paid packages, you can upload even more items:

  • Enterprise E-Store – maximum of 100 items
  • Business E-Store – UNLIMITED items!

3. More Attention - Higher store display priority

Paid packages are placed in our mall into ‘floors’ according to packages, where our website/mall navigation has been designed to give better highlight & access to Business floor, then Enterprise floor & last, the Startup floor. With a Business e-store, your store will be displayed on our home/main page where customers can find you straight!

Both Business & Enterprise e-stores have storefronts so your store will appear more welcoming & attractive.

When customers use our ‘search store’ function, paid e-stores are displayed first, then the FREE package e-stores.

4. Higher item display priority

When customers search for products, items from featured e-stores will be displayed first, then the items from the FREE package e-stores.

5. Exclusive store web address

Have a store URL like which will be redirected to your store. Use this address to promote your store to your customers.

6. Create your own store sections

Categorize items in your e-store into sections of your choice! Group your items according to brand names e.g. Dior - HUGO - CK, product/service types e.g. perfumes - bags - shoes, or anything you like.

7. Your own store's chatbox

Chat in realtime with your customers, complete with online status & chat archive – remove any message or block any user you find offensive.

8. More store design customization options

While free e-store package allows you to change the store’s background from available backgrounds provided and banner font/colors, paid e-store package offers you more customization, including uploading YOUR OWN e-store background for better branding!

9. Extra promotion - have more people promote your business!

My1Stop Crews promote your store & products/services in My1Stop @ Facebook & Twitter to our growing number of fans, in My1Stop’s blog & wherever possible – you are My1Stop’s priority when it comes to promoting our sellers’ business!

10. E-Store statistics

Your paid store comes complete with web statistics for you to view the whos, whats, whens and whys revolving your store visitors and visits. The statistics are super-useful for you to strategize your marketing plans.

11. Your own storefront

My1Stop design your storefront for FREE! The storefront is in itself a statement that you have a featured store with My1Stop, improving your online presence and impression to your customers.

12. Top priority when it comes to Entrepreneurs networking events with My1Stop

From time to time, My1Stop will be invited to networking events for entrepreneurs e.g. "Speednetworking" event organized by Majalah Usahawan Sukses & Rakan Niaga Uzaidi Udanis, Teh Tarikh Bersama YB and Teh Tarik SWOT Challenge. We will send invitations to our sellers, with Business and Enterprise tenants as our top priority.

13. Top priority when it comes to trade shows involving My1Stop

From time to time, My1Stop will participate in trade shows (upcoming, "Transformasi New Media" which will be held in 5 states in Malaysia). We will send invitations to our sellers, with Business and Enterprise tenants as our top priority.

14. Discounts for banner advertising in My1Stop website

Tenants enjoy the following discount rates for banner advertising in our 'Advertisement' section:

  • Enterprise: 15%
  • Business: 30%

15. Higher resell commission for more income

While with a free e-store package you receive 5% of My1Stop e-store rental as commission for reselling My1Stop’s paid store packages, with Enterprise & Business package, you receive more with 15% and 30% commission respectively.

Make a bolder step towards a brighter future in your online business … rent a My1Stop featured e-store today & experience smart online selling like no other …

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