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Friday, June 10, 2011

New feature is in! We've recently upgraded your e-store system to accommodate better item stock management. Now you no longer have limited options of setting item availability to either 'Available' or 'Sold Out' only, but can choose to specify the item quantity left in your stock available for online ordering, by selecting the 3rd option 'Detect by Quantity'.

Kindly take note that with the 'Detect by Quantity' option selected, as the item gets purchased online successfully (via your My1Stop e-store), the system automatically deducts the quantity accordingly. '0 unit' will also be labelled as Sold Out and cannot be ordered online until its quantity updated to more than zero.

If you don't prefer this new option, you can always stick to the previous options of Available/Sold Out, where no quantity deduction is made upon completion of your customers' online purchase.

Any further inquiries, kindly contact us.

This feature has been requested by the seller of Chaoz Craze.

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