Duplicate Item to Easily Add New Similar Item

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Now My1Stop.my sellers can easily add a new item similar to any existing items in their e-store with the new one-click Duplicate Item feature!

Find it exhausting re-uploading and re-entering the same photos and details for similar items?

Now, by clicking on the 'Duplicate' button (as above), you can create a copy of an item that inherits the details of the copied item but are independently editable. This shall save you the time and hassle of uploading the same photos and entering the same details repeatedly whenever you need to sell similar items to the ones that you already have in your catalog. So now, you can more conveniently create multiple types or packages of the same product/service, enabling each and every one of them to be ordered and paid for online through your e-store.

This feature has been requested by the sellers of Aliana Kiosk and Afnaini E-Store. We thank all our sellers for your feedback and suggestions!

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