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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear customers, let me ask you one question. When the most anticipated day of the month arrives which is pay day, do you prefer to shop at a standalone store by the street or the big malls available? Judging from the packed malls I see during such times, I reckon a mall is the choice for many, possibly due to the wide range of choices when it comes to shopping for the stuffs you desire. You can go from one store to another just to find your dream handbag, gadget, or watch. Yet, isn’t the crowded mall and parking space a little of a nuisance?

To start with, here is one perfectly good reason why you should shop at My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall (My1Stop.my) … My1Stop.my is not any e-commerce site. Here, you can have the leisure of store-to-store shopping plus the many dynamic online shopping capabilities, yet minus the inconvenience of a congested mall. Shopping at My1Stop.my is just similar in concept to shopping at Midvalley Megamall or One Utama. If you can’t find the perfect dress that could meet your fashion instinct, you can jump to another e-store and proceed with your dress-hunt, all in one website. The mall has over a thousand stores that house various types of products and services. You can even find some unique items such as airplanes replica, infrared guitar, nude sandal, and breastpump parts that may not be easily found in your nearest physical malls.

There are 3 wings in My1Stop.my with e-stores run by independent sellers ranging from small to medium businesses, individuals to enterprises. The first one is the Business Wing where the largest e-stores are, followed by the Enterprise Wing, and the Startup Wing. The e-stores in both Business and Enterprise wings support secure credit card payment and online banking directly through the e-stores. If you wish to see what’s new and latest promotions at this mall, you can subscribe to the mall’s newsletter and it will be sent to your e-mail. You can also subscribe to My1Stop.my’s RSS Feed and view the mall’s latest items in your Facebook, blog and various newsreader applications like Bloglines and Google Reader.

If you are looking for something specific such as mobile phones, you can just use the mall’s search feature and My1Stop.my will find it for you, listing all the phones in various stores in its big mall. If you are a regular shopper at My1Stop.my and wish to go to your favorite e-store, you can search for the name of the e-store and jump straight there. You can then search for an item in the e-store itself, see items under special offers (Star Item), browse by category, even enjoy a slideshow of multiple views of an item.

When ordering online through any e-store at My1Stop.my, you have the advantage of having all your orders saved for online viewing, searching and sorting. You can even track your orders. If you purchase online through My1Stop.my, rest assured that My1Stop Crew is there to assist you in case of poor seller response. See how My1Stop.my makes online shopping easier for you?

For customers new to My1Stop.my, the mall provides step by step guide on how to order and purchase online in any of its e-stores. You can see the button HOW TO BUY and hit it to learn how to purchase at My1Stop.my. If you have anything to inquire about the products, My1Stop.my provides online e-mail form and a message board so that you can post messages to the sellers. If the seller is online, you just have to sign in and chat with them using the chatbox provided for a realtime conversation. These aid the communication between you and the sellers for a hassle-free shopping experience.

You can follow My1Stop.my on Facebook, Twitter and Blogger and show your support by pressing the ‘Like’ button at the social networks page. So why not drop by My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall today!

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